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Launching a Story
Donating & Supporting a Story
The basics

1Dollar1Home is all about helping individuals and families in Crisis. Our platform makes it easy for individuals, groups, social causes and non-profits to fundraise online one dollar at a time for anyone in Crisis. We are a community of people who want to make generosity a part of everyday life. Our community makes it easy for individuals, groups, social causes and non-profits to fundraise for Medical Expenses, Memorials, Adoption, Mission Trips, Shelters and Animals. Our mission is to help you fundraise for your cause, need, creative or entrepreneurial idea with no hassle. We strongly believe in the power of One Dollar and believe with joining efforts, 1 dollar ($1) will make a difference at any given time in one’s life and home.

Using is easy! We provide a simple online community and connect individuals and groups with great ideas and causes, empower them to tell their story and help fundraise together One Dollar at a time. We provide all the tools you need to build a campaign and share it with the world. Together we will do extraordinary things with simple action and impact the world - one idea, one dollar, and one community at a time!

It is simple, we believe generosity and living generously. One Dollar indeed will make a difference in thousands of homes with a collaborative effort on this platform. We believe in giving to the causes that makes a difference as well as make us happy. Being generous giving especially one dollar is a win-win. It makes the world a better place and makes us happy and fulfilled Why not help better another home or cause, birth a great idea or Story that Makes A Difference? Anyone can have a good idea or cause but finding a willing producer to fund the idea can be a challenge.

How many people do you know who are ready, willing and able to contribute $30,000 to back a cause or a Story? Probably not so many... But how many people do you know who could contribute $1, $3, $5, $20, $50 or $100 toward the same cause? Probably a lot more - especially if if their contribution is sure to make a positive difference in a home or life. We believe the the power of the crowd and that´s why we are here. We started to make online fundraising and donations easy for individuals, groups, social causes, schools, and non-profit organizations. Now anyone with a cause has the opportunity to share their story to create online fundraisers for anything and everything that matters to you to make a difference.

  • Easily gather interest in your cause to create a groundswell effect.
  • Capitalize on your existing social network! Invite supporters by email, Facebook, Twitter, or other social-networking sites in just a few clicks.A lot of people giving a little bit of money can make a huge impact - and get your idea off the ground.
  • Embrace our crowd funding platform and go from Do It Yourself fundraising to Do It With the World, One Dollar at a Time
At 1Dollar1Home, anyone with a great ideal can post a Story whether it is a cause, need, an entrepreneurial endeavor, or creative idea and anyone can fund a Story. No invitation is necessary. You can start now. We want to believe and agree with your passion, cause or idea. We support individuals, groups, churches, NGOs, non-NGOs, humanitarians, athletes, actors, singers, songwriters, artists, dancers, musicians, filmmakers, writers, composers, poets, painters, teachers, inventors, philanthropists, entrepreneurs, politicians, programmers, designers, etc. If your idea or Story is going to benefit a life, a home, a village, city, or a nation, please join the our community! We will do it One Dollar at a time together!
The goal for Story creators is to reach or exceed funding goals but half way through funding before deadline also will have an impact so Story creators still raise something. Why? Motivation to push and raise more funds in your next go if you do not get fully funded. Campaigners get more based on how much work they put in (share, publicize Story etc). Here are our reasons:

  • Realism: This way encourages campaign and Story to set realistic financial goals for their individual Stories (our goal is to fund that Story with as many $1’s as possible but what is really your goal? Research, analyze and get on board!
  • Motivation: encourages the Story and campaign creators to work hard, inspire and motivate the world, networks, and let everyone know about their Stories. As always, those that aren’t willing to do the work won’t be successful. If a campaign is not fully funded, a Story creator gets another go to make their cause a reality.
  • Fairness: The idea of generating some--but not all--of the needed funds for a Story can put a Story in motion. If only a portion of the money is raised, a creator can apply that funding towards many achievable results. There is an ethical obligation to provide contributors with a finished product. For example, if a Story or campaign creator needs $4,000 to start and complete a Story in a village in Kenya, but only raises $2,000, it is obvious he/she will not be able to complete the Story but it will set the Story in motion and definitely do a lot. We believe that with a joining effort of funders, Stories will meet, fund and complete their goals. You will be able to keep the funds you raise, even if you don't meet your goal. This structure protects all (people investing time, energy for Stories and the funders from disappointment).
  • Test marketing:   This system allows posters to test interest in their idea before taking a financial risk on the endeavor.
1Dollar1Home will only collect 2% from the Story creator after the deadline. If you do not reach your campaign goal the fee is still 2% of the total funds raised. Please set reasonable and achievable goals and fund it with our community.
Depending on your funding and disbursement choices, our payment processor - PayPal and Stripe will apply credit card processing fees of about 2.90% plus $0.30 cents per transaction.
GENEROSITY! Our community is made up of movement of people who want to make generosity a part of everyday life.Majority of 1Dollar1Home donors are everyday people who are touched and inspired to make a difference by chipping in at least a $1 to support Stories.

STORIES! 1Dollar1Home Stories are efforts by real people to help real homes or communities or at least something of note. It's about making a difference with our Stories. These stories unfold as a result of dire need of help to support a friend, family, home or a community. Check out the site for yourself, it´s amazing what´s to be done!

1+1+1 = 3!  We believe that with a joining effort of funders, Stories will meet, fund and complete their goal. Collaboration in funding is powerful and speaks for itself! Together we will do extraordinary things with simple action! Do it $1 at a time!
Yes, absolutely. We are platform for making online fundraising, support and donation easy, not a place for investment or lending. With this movement, Story donors and supporters make a generous and measurable positive impact for your campaign of their choice and collaborating with others to spreading the word.
That’s OK! We all overestimate ourselves at times. If your campaign is not fully funded, you will be able to keep the funds you raise, even if you don't meet your goal. You can then adjust the Story’s goal and repost. is free to join. We are here to help you make your Story and what matters to you successful. We provide a suite of social media, promotional, and marketing tools available only to our users. All of these things help to promote the awareness of your campaign. The fees from your Stories are used to keep all of these things running smoothly at
We're made with in Washington, DC but you can fund a Story from any country as long as you have a bank account or PayPal.
At any point, you can decide to wipe your personally identifying information, effectively destroying your account (do this from "Settings").

When this happens we remove all personally identifying information - name, email addresses, zip code, password, and so on - from our database. The account will still exist, but only as an anonymous entry in other peoples’ Story funding histories. We can also do this for you, contact
How It Works

Using is easy for individuals, groups, social causes and non-profits to fundraise online to make a difference for friends and families in need. It's just three simple steps and you're on your way to fundraising success. Every Story has a funding goal (any dollar amount) and a time limit (from 1 - 90 days) set by the Story creator. When the deadline is reached, there are either of two results, successful funding or not. The money received is disbursed every week!

To start a Story we ask that people submit a proposal through the "Share a Story" page. We review proposals to make sure they meet our "Story Guidelines" before launching.

Funding Successful:
  • If a Story successfully meets the goal amount or surpass within the selected time limit, the remainder of the accumulated funds of all Oners’ (Funders’) are transferred directly to the Story creator's PayPal or bank account. Story creators are then responsible for completing the Story.
Funding not successful:
  • If a Story creator is unable to raise the goal amount within the selected time limit, contributed funds are credited to the Creator. The Story creator can then adjust the Story’s goal and repost.
Launching a Story
Three simple steps:

  1. Post a Story profile and set your fundraising goals:
    A Story creator "Share a Story" on 1Dollar1Home, chooses a fundraising goal and a time limit to raise funds (usually 1-90 days).
  2. Share and tell the world about your campaign:
    The campaigner publicizes the Story to their network of family, friends and fans, turning them into funders or Oners. Oners are encouraged to contribute financially and spread the word about the Story to their entire social networks.
  3. Raise money and get funded:
    Turn friends, family and even strangers into donors and collect contributions! That simple!
On your Story profile page, click "Edit".

  1. On the BASICS and MY STORY tab, fill in your Story details (goal, deadline, images etc)
  2. On the MY PAYMENT tab, enter your PayPal email for your disbursement payment. Story creators need Verified PayPal accounts for payment.
Please note that your funding goal and deadline cannot be changed after you receive your first contribution
Yes. Every Story creator must set a funding goal and a deadline between 1 - 90 days for funding.
Before they launch their first Story, Story creators set up a PayPal account and must have a bank account. If funding succeeds or not, funds gets deposited to the Story creator’s PayPal or bank account.
If a Story is successfully funded, 1Dollar1Home will apply a 3% fee to the funds raised. If funding isn’t successful, there is still a 3% charge on amount raised. Please set reasonable and achievable goals and fund it with the world.
Yes. PayPal and Stripe will apply credit card processing fees of about 2.90% plus $0.30 cents per transaction

There is no fee charged for Donors (Oners).
No. Our platform does not support rewards.
All Stories must comply with our Posting Guidelines, Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions. Things like pornography, violence, firearms, weapons, etc. Investment and loan solicitations are forbidden, as are lotteries, raffles, and sweepstakes.
Supporting a Story
A Oner is basically a Donor, Backer or Supporter of a particular Story. A Oner is anyone who chooses to make a financial contribution to a 1Dollar1Home Story. Story Creators publicize their Stories to family, friends and fans by inviting them to visit a Story page. Visitors are asked to support a Story in two important ways:

  1. "DONATE NOW" the Story with 1Dollar1Home, a.k.a. make a financial contribution
  2. Spread the word by sharing the Story with others!
Becoming a Oner is the act of making a financial support or contribution to one (or many) 1Dollar1Home Stories. In a one-step process, a Oner or Donor starts or joins the collaborative funding process to help a Story meet its goal. We like to call Oners people who also are passionate about what they support and spread the word to friends via email, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc. Oners and Donors make Stories successful on the 1Dollar1Home community.
First, choose your amount on the Story page. On the next page we’ll ask you to enter your first, last name and comments to the Story creator (if any). Next, Give by PayPal or complete your contribution with a major credit card.

Your card is charged the moment you complete your contribution.

Yes. You can contribute from anywhere.
We’ll send you an email when funding ends, no matter the outcome.
They’re Paypal and Stripe.
Yes this can be easily done by contacting PayPal or Stripe's support. "You can change the method anytime when you contact them."

No problem. You can change or cancel your contribution anytime before the end of the Stories timeline date.

If a Story creator has 501c3 status, then yes a contribution may be tax exempt. A Story creator will likely tout their tax-exempt status if they have it. If you wish to inquire further, please contact the Story creator via the "Send Message" button on their Story page.
Nothing really. Stories continue to accept contributions until the funding deadline.
  • Perhaps you know the Story creator (most of our visitors and funders are referred here), or you heard about the Story from a trusted source.
  • Most posters will have a first-person video or something very personal about their Stories and their passion for them. That would be hard to fake. If you´re suspicious, maybe you could be right. Dig a bit more into it. Absolutely support Stories that you´re passionate about and feel you should support.
  • Still not sure? Ask the Story creator a question via the "Send Message" button on their Story page.
We don’t currently have an anonymous feature. We have no control over the username you choose, so you could customize the username and anonymize it that way, what do you think?. Otherwise, we hope you’re okay with showing your name and support.
No. Only you and the Story creator will be able to see your contribution amount.
Story creators see your login username and your contribution amount.
No. Story creators cannot offer rewards for donations.
Yes, PayPal and Stripe delivers one of the most secure payment platforms in the world.
All donations received will fund individuals and families in Crisis; we prove it by being exceptionally transparent.

1Dollar1Home is an online fundraising and donation website, and the easiest way for individuals and groups to fundraise online for a loved one in Crisis, one dollar at a time. Our community uses the power of collaboration and generosity to share and fund individual and group stories. We're a Washington, DC based start-up changing the way the world views giving, one dollar, one donation and one story at a time.
Made with in Washington, DC.
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