1Dollar1Home Launches Crowdfunding platform to Support Individuals and Families in Crisis

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 10-20-2014                                                              

1Dollar1Home, Inc

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1Dollar1Home gives Story creators tools to raise funds for friends and families in Crisis; donors can give as little as a Dollar.

500x500 1d1hWashington, DC -We’re introducing 1Dollar1Home, a micro-donations and do-good crowdfunding community for only social causes, especially cases of personal and family crisis. We believe we can change the way the world views giving, one dollar, one donation and one Story at a time. Our platform is taking a new approach to online donations.

By combining generosity and collaboration, we seek to empower people to create positive change in Stories in our communities by making really small donations. Our mission is to simply connect generous strangers to support and raise funds for friends and families in dire need of financial help for medical expenses, personal and family crisis via compelling, engaging online fundraising campaigns. All we ask is a $1 minimum donation from donors and supporters (friends and family) of Stories and campaigns shared on the platform.

“Our platform is for the friend or home in need of $100 to $1000 to prevent crisis and supplement their bills or rent within the shortest possible time. 1Dollar1Home will be a good fit for people in need of a few hundred dollars to resolve crisis. We embrace the untold Stories and are happy to fund it even if it means only $1 dollar donations from strangers. All we ask on our platform is a $1 contribution from donors and supporters (friends, family and awesome strangers).”

We’ve focused on simplicity and built a very simple and engaging platform that supports Stories and campaigns with large or small fundraising goals. Individuals, groups, social causes and non-profits can tell their Stories to raise funds for medical expenses, personal and family crisis and loved ones in need. Setting up an account and sharing a Story on the platform takes no more than five minutes; users sign in with either an email address or Facebook or Google+ login, provide their PayPal or disbursement information and share their Story.

1Dollar1Home securely stores the information and users. The platform is free for Story creators and donors. 1Dollar1Home takes an “average or lower than average” fee of 2% on every transaction to run our operations. One donor perk of supporting 1Dollar1Home Story is the platform doesn’t ask for a snail mail address, so users aren’t inundated with follow-up mailings (and the associated wasted resources).

1Dollar1Home’s creation was inspired by idea that generous strangers can collaborate to use as little as one dollar to make a difference in a person’s life or home and change their Story. “Even a really small donation can be impactful for an individual or a family, if it comes from a user that has a network of friends in their social circle who can chip in a small amount. We’re changing how individuals view philanthropy.”

To learn more about the 1Dollar1Home, contact Doug Boateng at doug@1dollar1home.com or 202-270-9962

About 1Dollar1Home: 1Dollar1Home is a micro-donations crowdfunding platform that makes it easy for individuals, groups, social causes and non-profits to fundraise online for friends, families and homes in crisis, one dollar at a time. The 1Dollar1Home community embraces Stories of individuals and families in crisis and thrives on funding these Stories to make a difference.  http://1dollar1home.com


1Dollar1Home Partners With Stripe To Make Online Donations Easier

stripe_Partner_226When we went looking for a payment gateway to integrate with our new updated fundraising Story pages, we had one condition: Whichever provider we went with, they would have to be true to Webpops credo of providing complete control over the markup, something that empowers our customers to craft truly custom sites and webapps.

Of the many options that are out there, Stripe won us over for its speed of integration, simple API and all around great experience provided by its documentation and customer service.

We have proudly partnered with Stripe to process our platform’s transactions, and Stripe’s made it extremely simple to accept donations on behalf of our users and Story creators. Not only does Stripe make it easy on us, more importantly, it’s easy for donors and supporters to give within the shortest possible time while on your Stories page.

Now in addition to PayPal, Stories can accept donations in a matter of minutes, Not days. At 2.9% + 30¢ per donation, we offer some of the lowest rates available for online donations.

How do we make sure your information is safe and secure?

We use Stripe to process your donations, because making payments simple and secure is their business. They are certified as a PCI Level 1 Service Provider, the most stringent level of certification available. Quite frankly, 1Dollar1Home is about creating a platform where good happens through simple but meaningful actions, and we’d much rather put the payment security stuff in the hands of guys who specialize in that work. When you want to make a donation through a post on Twitter, we simply figure out the amount and pass Stripe your customer id using a secure SSL protocol, and they debit your card. If you have any more concerns about how your information will be handled, we recommend spending a minute on the Stripe security overview page.

What if I make a donation by accident, or someone uses my account to make a donation on my behalf that I didn’t want to make?

Because we use Stripe, payment refunds are really simple. Just email us at support@1dollarhome.com, up to 6 days after you made the initial donation, and let us know if you ever feel like we’ve processed a donation in error. We’ll refund you right away.

Why are there fees?

It costs to process card payments anywhere on the web, and unfortunately here is no different. We use Stripe, which has a flat 2.9% + 30¢ fee on all credit card charges, and we add an additional 2%  to allow us to keep our lights on and continue to bring you new and exciting features.

As always, get in touch at support@1dollar1home.com or on Twitter @1dollar1home if you want to learn more about getting started with a fundraising Story.

Gomez’s Mateless Socks Story Funded on 1Dollar1Home

“Of all the clothing needs of the homeless, socks are without a doubt the most important…Homeless people spend so much of their lives on their feet, walking everywhere they go to get what they need to survive….” –

This was one of the touching statement’s in the Mateless Socks campaign and we’re are glad it is funded! Thank everyone on the 1Dollar1Home community for their generosity towards this Story and making this Story a success. We’re at peace knowing the homeless in DC will enjoy some warmth.

Mateless Socks A Success

1Dollar1Home Insight: Story Musts. Campaigns That Take These 7 Actions Raise 9 Times More Money Than Campaigns That Don’t

7 Key Actions On 1Dollar1Home

Stories that take those seven actions raise 9 times more money than stories that don’t.

amounts raised vs actions on 1dollar1home

What do these seven actions have in common? They show that you are committed to your cause and are investing time and effort to ensure it succeeds! Here is some advice on how to approach taking these seven actions:

  1. Have a Pitch Video: Secret to a great pitch video? Keep i short and sweet. Keep it under 3 mins. Show your face, tell your story,  show what your money is going towards, have a call to action, and share your passion!
  2. Offer Three or More Experiences or Perks: Good perks are creative and generous. The two most essential perk amounts are the $25 perk and the $100 perk.
  3. Update Every Couple of Days: Use updates to show progress, say thank you, keep your audience engaged, offer new perks, and share some press you’ve received. Post updates to your facebook, twitter, tumbler and e-mail them to people who haven’t contributed yet. Those who do this see over 200% increase in responses and donation.
  4. Super important: Post 6 or More Media to Your Gallery: Media can include videos or  picture images (more and more), can be sent out via updates. Media builds an emotional connection between stories and the supporters and provides context for the campaigner’s motivations and commitment. Be sure to share your media on social media platforms too. Yes, you’re right facebook, twitter, tumbler +google!
  5. Link to Your External Pages: Do you have you have a personal website, Facebook page, Twitter feed, or YouTube channel, put the link on your story page; you’ll be amazed by the response. Doing this on campaign page with external online assets builds credibility, and enables you to tell a more robust story. It also helps you share your campaign more broadly and rapidly. Campaigns with 4 or more links gets more attention on 1dollar1home.com 
  6. Keep Your Campaign Less than 45 Days: The reason? Buzz and Virality. We have seen successful campaigns and stories fall withing this range of days. Having a shorter campaign improves your buzz and virality. People are less likely to put off contributing if there is a sense of urgency about your campaign.  Things to keep in mind regarding deadlines: How much time do you and your team have to run the campaign? How much money do you need and when will you need the money? What is the schedule of your outreach strategy?
  7. Do something new for your campaign every day. Share, Email, Update, Comment, Upload an image. The trick is being active and engaging with your supporters.

Tools For Your Story’s Success: Online Sources for Crowdfunding Campaigners


We have worked hard to make sure you’re successful with your campaign. We are not stopping here and will continue to seek out tools that will empower campaigners to make the most of their crowdfunding experiences. In particular, we have focused on ways for campaigners — regardless of the sizes of their personal networks — to spread the word about their campaigns.

As you go through the lists, we want you to keep this in mind..KEYWORD KEYWORD KEYWORD…keep in mind as you explore these tools and plan your marketing strategy is…KEYWORDS. These are the individual words that connect your campaign to larger themes, subject matter, and ideas. For example, a story that’s raising money for an animal shelter to teach at risk youth would have keywords like: education, nonprofit, Teach Abroad, equestrian, riding, horses — and so on.  You’ll have a much easier time finding important conversations online and connecting your campaign with the right audiences.

To start, get out a piece of paper and start building a list of your keywords. Two free tools to get you started are KeywordDiscovery and Google Trends.

In the meantime, check out the resources below and let us know if we missed any in the comments!

  • Social Media

    • Headliner.fm: Connects your social media posts with influencers who share your interests and will amplify your message.

    • Thunderclap: This is almost like crowdfunding for social media posts. You post a message you’d like to share, and then, other people “donate” their social media following. Once you hit a certain goal,t your message goes far beyond your personal reach.

    • Twitter Advanced Search: This free tool from Twitter allows you to dig deeper into topics and conversations that might have overlap with your story. Search keywords related to the subject of your story to find influencers and fans; you’ll be amazed!

    • Jamplify: Allows you to manage a referral contest for your fans and followers.

    • Snaps: If you’re looking to share images of your perks, team members, or anything else related to your story on social media, this app allows you to easily beautify it and add content in a variety of ways.

  • Media Sites

    • Newsle: This connects to your Facebook or LinkedIn to tell you when people in your network make the news, which can be helpful when you’re deciding who to reach out to about your story.

    • Upworthy: A curated content site that focuses on “Things that matter” and has featured a number of crowdfunding campaigns. You can submit your story to submissions@upworthy.com.

  • Influencers

    • CrowdfundingPR.org Press List: CrowdfundingPR has collected an impressive list of crowdfunding blogs, influencers, consultants, and more.

    • CrowdCrux 30 People on Twitter: Similarly, CrowdCrux has created a list of 30 Twitter influencers who love crowdfunding!

    • Help A Reporter: Reporters use this to find sources for the stories they are working on. Tell the story of your campaign, and you might catch the eye of a writer who shares your interests.

  • Tools

    • Klout and Kred: These social presence ranking systems help you identify influencers.

    • Bing Ads and AdWords: If you’re up for putting a little spend behind your crowdfunding marketing campaign, search engine marketing can be effective as it allows you to target people based on their interests.

    • Crowdfund Mafia and Seeding Factory: These crowdfunding consultants can help you develop strategies to spread the word beyond your network.

    • Outbrain: Places content (like your story) on top media sites.

    • Launchrock: Allows you to create a “Coming Soon” landing page and create pre-launch buzz and word-of-mouth.

    • 1Dollar1Home Updates: Your existing contributors are also a great way to amplify your marketing efforts — and our blogs webplace is a great tool to help manage your communications with them.

    • Harness the Crowd: known as, “A place to share and discover crowdfunding tools,” HTC is absolutely chock-full of them — including ones that will help you spread the word about your story!

8 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Fundraiser Campaign with Social Media

Hand holding a Social Media 3d Sphere

Many of you are already using social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, +Google, LinkedIn and YouTube to make connections and create interest in your ideas.

But are you maximizing your fundraiser on 1Dollar1Home using the incredible power of social media to drive traffic to your story? We found that participants who use social networking tools like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube communicate with their networks more regularly and send more messages. This resulted in increased fundraising results by up to 40%.

 fundraising data

Here are 8 things you can do right now to start driving more traffic — and funds! — to your story using your existing social media channels.

1. Update your written Twitter profile to include a link to your 1Dollar1Home story.

2. Add a link to your 1Dollar1Home story to the description of any video you have posted on YouTube or Vimeo.

3. Update your +Google profile or individual google plus photos related to your funding campaign with a link to your 1Dollar1Home page.

4. Go to your Facebook Page and “use Facebook as [insert your Facebook Page name here]” to post information about your 1Dollar1Home story on the walls of related organizations and pages.

5. Change your LinkedIn profile and updates to include information about your 1Dollar1Home story , including your funding goal and deadline.

6. Use an occasional Facebook status update to let people know about your 1Dollar1Home campaign.

7. Use 1Dollar1Home widgets to add a campaign banner to your blog or website.

8. Add a link to your 1Dollar1Home Story to your Gmail, yahoo, or outlook signature.

Got any more ways to utilize social media in crowdfunding campaigns? Comment below and let us know. Cheers

What Makes A 1Dollar1Home Story Successful?

campaing.png Your Story’s Basics

  • Every campaign has three critical elements: a good Pitch, proactive outreach and an audience that cares

    What is a “Good Pitch”?

    A good Pitch is direct, engaging and transparent. It’s important to be yourself, to clearly communicate what you are doing, and show what you are raising money for.  Be proud of your cause and let your enthusiasm reflect to our generous community! Make a Pitch video to be more personable, inspiring and dynamic.

    Proactive Outreach

    Begin by sending personal emails to friends, family and fans. Keep your contributors updated on your story by posting regular updates on your story’s page. Updates are a great way to keep contributors involved in your campaign process. Promote your story on your personal website or within social media sites like +GoogleFacebook or Twitter.

    An Audience that Cares

    Your inner circle of friends, family and fans should fund 25-40% of your goal within the first few weeks of your campaign. This creates public validation for your cause, as well as an army of spokespeople to help spread your campaign on social networks.

additional.png Additional Resources

Tips from Our Blog: 

Got any ideas we’re not picking up? Please send us a message support@1dollar1home.com.

Tools For Your Stories Success: E-Sources for Crowdfunding Campaigners

It goes without saying that the Internet is full of immensely powerful tools and platforms — 1Dolalr1Home itself is an indication of this. But for crowdfunding campaigners, it’s sometimes difficult to know where to begin when it comes to finding tools that will help them optimize their crowdfunding efforts. That’s why we canvassed the 1Dollar1Home team — with decades of combined crowdfunding knowledge and experience with campaigners — for as many helpful online resources that they could think of, so that we could share them with you!

We tried to represent each part of the campaign process — the before, during, and after — with hopes that you can make the most of your crowdfunding experience and make your ideas come to life! The Internet is vast, and this list is by no means a full representation of its power — in fact, we hope to see this blogpost live and evolve, so if there are other resources you think should be included, please share them with us in the comments!

Building Your Story

From your story page to your social media presence, these tools are helpful for sprucing up your media and preparing to spread the word about your story!

  • Pitch Video

  • Video Hosting

    • www.vimeo.com — A common destination for campaigners who want their pitch videos to display in higher quality or larger formats.

    • www.youtube.com — A great place to host campaign-related videos given its vibrant social sharing environment. You can also add link annotations to the video that links directly to your story!

  • Blog — Though it’s great to utilize your story page as a kind of blog, the blog hosts below can be a great supplement given their large communities of bloggers, which you can tap into and engage with — spreading your campaign beyond your network.

  • Landing pages:

    • http://unbounce.com/ — Allows you to create landing pages for surveying your campaigners or advertising your campaign via things like Google Adwords.

  • Social Media Presence:

    • http://www.facebook.com/pages/create.php — Creating a Facebook Page for your campaign is a great way to engage your campaigners and spread the word about your campaign via social media.

    • http://plus.google.com — Creating a Google+ Page for your campaign is great for connecting with a slightly different crowd than on Facebook.

    • www.twitter.com — There is a huge conversation about crowdunding on Twitter — as well as others that might have relevance to your particular campaign. Whether you start a handle for your campaign or your own personal one, getting involved in this conversation can bring a big boost to your campaign. Check out some of their best practices.

    • www.pinterest.com — A great place to get involved in the conversation around the topic(s) of your campaign — as well as a place to share pictures relevant to your campaign.

    • http://instagram.com/ — Picture sharing is the name of the game on Instagram. Campaigners have used it for everything from sharing pictures of perks to snapshots of their campaign page. Make sure to use hashtags like #1Dollar1Home and include a link to your campaign when you post!

  • Shortened Links — When sharing a link to your campaign in social media, save space by shortening the link.

    • On every 1Dollar1Home campaign page, under the area where a pitch video is displayed, there is a box with a shortened link to the campaign that you can share with your network!

    • www.bitly.com — Bitly’s tracking tools to see how many clicks you’re getting and from where.

  • Music Sharing — Musicians, you probably already know these ones, but if not — these are great ways of sharing your current music with potential contributors to get them excited about supporting your musical efforts.

  • Photo Editing:

    • http://fotoflexer.com/ — Whether you need to edit photos for your campaign page or perks, this is a free and user-friendly online solution.

  • Create Infographics — Some campaigners choose to create infographics to use on their campaign page. These can be used to illustrate everything from a breakdown of your campaign fundraising goals to explaining your perks.

  • Slideshows:

    • http://www.slideshare.net/ — A good way to share images from your campaign (perks, etc.). Slideshare also has a social community that might be interested in your campaign!

  • If You Need an Extra Hand:

Campaign and Team Management

Before and after you share your story, you’ll need to be able to easily communicate and collaborate with teammates and contributors as well as track your progress — and these sites can help you do that!


  • Sharing Large Files — Most email clients have limitations on the size of files you can share. These sites provide free and paid services for exchanging larger files with your campaign teammates. Great for sharing media like pictures and video.

  • Tracking:

    • www.google.com/analytics — If you are using an additional site like a blog for your campaign, then it’s a good idea to see where your traffic is coming from — that way you can adjust your marketing strategies.

    • www.bitly.com — We mentioned this one earlier, but again, sharing links to your campaign via Bitly will allow you to track the number and origin of clicks to your campaign page.

    • http://batchgeo.com/ — Interested in where all your contributions are coming from? Batchego let’s you take the information in your campaign dashboard and create a world map of your contributors. 

Spreading the Word

Your campaign is live, and now you need to tell people about it! The following tools can help you manage your email and social media, provide communication best practices, connect with local press, engage with people offline, and more!

  • Create Pre-Campaign Buzz:

    • http://launchrock.co/ — Launch Rock allows you to create a “Coming Soon” page for your campaign! It’s a great way to get your network curious/excited about your campaign before it goes live. 

  • Email Management:

    • www.mailchimp.com — A tool for managing emails to larger lists of addresses as well as designing emails with a more professional look.

    • http://www.boomeranggmail.com/ — A plugin for Gmail that let’s you do things like schedule an email blast for later.

  • Email Best Practices:

    • http://mailchimp.com/resources/ — Mentioned earlier, Mailchimp hosts a number of resources that can help you optimize your email strategy — helpful whether or not you plan to use their paid tools.

    • Google Labs — Gmail is always introducing new tools as part of their Labs program. There could be something in there to help your campaign!

  • Social Media Best Practices:

  • Social Media Management:

  • Social Media Amplification:

    • http://clicktotweet.com/ — Rather than just ask people to tweet about your campaign, you can provide them with a link that serves them a tweet you’ve written to send to their followers.

    • www.paper.li — Allows you to create an online newspaper around your campaign’s social activity.

    • https://www.thunderclap.it/ — Create a “thunderclap” by having people agree to spread the word about your campaign — after you reach a certain number of people, everyone will simultaneously send out your pre-designated tweet!

  • Finding Related Audiences:

    • http://www.google.com/alerts — By following certain keywords that are related to the subject matter of your campaign, you can stay connected with current events, topics, and voices — and engage accordingly.

    • http://www.meetup.com/ — Find local groups of people who share your passion!

    • http://www.helpareporter.com/ — This site helps connect you with reporters who might be looking for source material for an article they’re writing.

  • Local Press:

    • http://www.usnpl.com/ — There are local news outlets near you, and they’re always hungry for strong local content.

  • Engagement Tracking:

    • http://www.google.com/alerts — Wondering if someone has been writing about your campaign? Google Alerts will send you an email when someone has!

    • http://twitalyzer.com/ — Helps you find out more about who is interacting with you on Twitter and how they are doing so.

    • https://www.rapleaf.com/ — Have a large email list that you’d like to understand better in terms of demographics, location, etc.? Rapleaf does just that!

  • Paid Advertising — If you’re looking to spread your campaign even further and are willing to pay for it, the following are some strong resources for paid advertising that can connect you with like-minded audiences.

  • Additional Exposure:

    • http://www.linkedin.com/ — Connect with individuals in industries that might be related to your campaign.

    • http://www.reddit.com/ — “The Front Page of the Internet” — Reddit is a great source of content and a great place to share your campaign. It has innumerable “subreddits” that focus on highly specific categories. It also has traditions like “Ask Me Anything” where people open themselves up to questions from the Reddit community — another way to spread the word about your campaign.

    • http://www.stumbleupon.com/ — This site shows users websites based upon their interests — you can submit a link to your campaign!

    • https://twitter.com/ — From engaging your inner network to tweeting up, Twitter is one of the best ways to connect with people who share your passions — near and far.

  • Offline Engagement:

    • www.moo.com — Moo makes easily customizable business cards that get shipped straight to your door. Making business cards for your campaign could be a great way to spread the word when you’re out and about around town!

    • http://www.fedex.com/us/office/online-printing-services.html — Sometimes, spreading the word in your community about your campaign can be just as powerful as using Twitter or Facebook. Fedex provides simple printing services if you wanted to make flyers, banners, and more to share your campaign with your local area. 


Once you’ve finished your campaign, it’s important to stay in touch with contributors and share the love by fulfilling your perks. Below are services that can help with printing and shipping — as well as collecting information from your contributors.

 Are we missing something powerful sites? Share them with us please via your comments below! And CLICK HERE to Tweet about this article to your followers!

Need Help Paying Bills

Get Help Paying Bills

In times of crises, many families struggle with paying bills. Sometimes medical illness, natural disaster or legal fees can leave a family in need of help.

Help Paying Medical Bills

It is estimated that 60% of bankruptcy cases filed in the U.S. are the result of medical debts.  Unexpected or even routine medical care can cause thousands of dollars in medical bills. While, national and local programs exist, it may be hard to qualify and could take months to receive bill assistance.

Consider starting a 1Dollar1Home  fundraiser for a friend or family member who needs help paying medical bills. Help Granny with Back Surgery Team raised over $6,200 to help their family pay for medical bills family faced.

Help Paying Bills after a Disaster

Large and national disasters gain attention from organizations and find millions of dollars in donations.  Smaller, personal disasters such as home fires or flooding, however, can leave a family stranded with many bills and few options to pay them.

Assistance with Legal Bills

Legal expenses can happen for a variety of reasons and are many times Carlene and daughtervery costly.  Carlene (pictured left) used a 1Dollar1Home fundraising page to raise money to defray the costs of legal bills of a family law case.



 If you or someone you know needs help paying bills, start a 1Dollar1Home fundraising page today.

How to Raise Money Online

Fundraising with 1Dollar1Home

It’s easy, free, secure, and can impact a

+loved one’s world in so many ways.


Step 1: Create a Page

Our goal is for you to have a successful fundraiser. The best tip we can give, is to tell a compelling story. No need to write a novel, but you’ll definitely want to include specific details and have a strong cause for why your loved one needs support. The more insight you can provide about the beneficiary, the better.

Another tip is to be as transparent as possible. Let people know exactly what their money is being raised for and how their donation will make a difference to the beneficiary.

One way to really bring your page to life is to add photos and videos. You can also keep supporters up-to-date and interested by posting on your fundraiser’s blog. For more ideas on how to be successful when fundraising online, check out our fundraising tips section.

Step 2: Spread the word to friends, family, and the world.

We know it’s tough. Asking for donations is one of the hardest things you can do. But by sharing your story, people will be inspired to help, and share your story with others. We’ve seen many many people coming together time and time again, to accomplish amazing things. And with a little work, you can see the same results!

The best way to start, is by sharing your fundraiser with close friends and family. These are the people who are likely to be early supporters. Once you’ve gathered early momentum, promote your page via email, Facebook and other social media outlets. Supporters can donate online using a credit card, debit card, or if the fundraiser has been activated, using PayPal. With each donation, you can watch as your fundraiser becomes more and more successful—getting the beneficiary that much closer to their goal! Fact: if you’re able to get 30% funding from friends and family, then you’re almost going to get your cause funded. 

Step 3: Collect Support & Donations

Once your fundraiser reaches its end date, 1Dollar1Home will process and send the funds via personal check or PayPal transfer (minus a small processing fee of 3.0%). Then, feel free to do a happy dance, give and receive high-fives or celebrate however you like—knowing you just did something extraordinary for someone you care about!

Words of encouragement and emotional support will stay on the fundraising page forever. You can also continue to post to your fundraising page for as long as you like, and keep people updated.

Payment Security

There’s no need to worry when creating or donating to a fundraiser. 1Dollar1Home uses the latest encryption technology to ensure every donation is secure and private. We never give out your contact information, unless you decide you want to share it with the beneficiary. Additionally, we never sell information about our donors, so you don’t have to worry about future soliciting.


 If you have any questions please contact us or comment below.