1Dollar1Home Insight: Story Musts. Campaigns That Take These 7 Actions Raise 9 Times More Money Than Campaigns That Don’t

7 Key Actions On 1Dollar1Home

Stories that take those seven actions raise 9 times more money than stories that don’t.

amounts raised vs actions on 1dollar1home

What do these seven actions have in common? They show that you are committed to your cause and are investing time and effort to ensure it succeeds! Here is some advice on how to approach taking these seven actions:

  1. Have a Pitch Video: Secret to a great pitch video? Keep i short and sweet. Keep it under 3 mins. Show your face, tell your story,  show what your money is going towards, have a call to action, and share your passion!
  2. Offer Three or More Experiences or Perks: Good perks are creative and generous. The two most essential perk amounts are the $25 perk and the $100 perk.
  3. Update Every Couple of Days: Use updates to show progress, say thank you, keep your audience engaged, offer new perks, and share some press you’ve received. Post updates to your facebook, twitter, tumbler and e-mail them to people who haven’t contributed yet. Those who do this see over 200% increase in responses and donation.
  4. Super important: Post 6 or More Media to Your Gallery: Media can include videos or  picture images (more and more), can be sent out via updates. Media builds an emotional connection between stories and the supporters and provides context for the campaigner’s motivations and commitment. Be sure to share your media on social media platforms too. Yes, you’re right facebook, twitter, tumbler +google!
  5. Link to Your External Pages: Do you have you have a personal website, Facebook page, Twitter feed, or YouTube channel, put the link on your story page; you’ll be amazed by the response. Doing this on campaign page with external online assets builds credibility, and enables you to tell a more robust story. It also helps you share your campaign more broadly and rapidly. Campaigns with 4 or more links gets more attention on 1dollar1home.com 
  6. Keep Your Campaign Less than 45 Days: The reason? Buzz and Virality. We have seen successful campaigns and stories fall withing this range of days. Having a shorter campaign improves your buzz and virality. People are less likely to put off contributing if there is a sense of urgency about your campaign.  Things to keep in mind regarding deadlines: How much time do you and your team have to run the campaign? How much money do you need and when will you need the money? What is the schedule of your outreach strategy?
  7. Do something new for your campaign every day. Share, Email, Update, Comment, Upload an image. The trick is being active and engaging with your supporters.

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