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1Dollar1Home Launches Crowdfunding platform to Support Individuals and Families in Crisis

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 10-20-2014                                                              

1Dollar1Home, Inc

(202) 270-9962

1Dollar1Home gives Story creators tools to raise funds for friends and families in Crisis; donors can give as little as a Dollar.

500x500 1d1hWashington, DC -We’re introducing 1Dollar1Home, a micro-donations and do-good crowdfunding community for only social causes, especially cases of personal and family crisis. We believe we can change the way the world views giving, one dollar, one donation and one Story at a time. Our platform is taking a new approach to online donations.

By combining generosity and collaboration, we seek to empower people to create positive change in Stories in our communities by making really small donations. Our mission is to simply connect generous strangers to support and raise funds for friends and families in dire need of financial help for medical expenses, personal and family crisis via compelling, engaging online fundraising campaigns. All we ask is a $1 minimum donation from donors and supporters (friends and family) of Stories and campaigns shared on the platform.

“Our platform is for the friend or home in need of $100 to $1000 to prevent crisis and supplement their bills or rent within the shortest possible time. 1Dollar1Home will be a good fit for people in need of a few hundred dollars to resolve crisis. We embrace the untold Stories and are happy to fund it even if it means only $1 dollar donations from strangers. All we ask on our platform is a $1 contribution from donors and supporters (friends, family and awesome strangers).”

We’ve focused on simplicity and built a very simple and engaging platform that supports Stories and campaigns with large or small fundraising goals. Individuals, groups, social causes and non-profits can tell their Stories to raise funds for medical expenses, personal and family crisis and loved ones in need. Setting up an account and sharing a Story on the platform takes no more than five minutes; users sign in with either an email address or Facebook or Google+ login, provide their PayPal or disbursement information and share their Story.

1Dollar1Home securely stores the information and users. The platform is free for Story creators and donors. 1Dollar1Home takes an “average or lower than average” fee of 2% on every transaction to run our operations. One donor perk of supporting 1Dollar1Home Story is the platform doesn’t ask for a snail mail address, so users aren’t inundated with follow-up mailings (and the associated wasted resources).

1Dollar1Home’s creation was inspired by idea that generous strangers can collaborate to use as little as one dollar to make a difference in a person’s life or home and change their Story. “Even a really small donation can be impactful for an individual or a family, if it comes from a user that has a network of friends in their social circle who can chip in a small amount. We’re changing how individuals view philanthropy.”

To learn more about the 1Dollar1Home, contact Doug Boateng at or 202-270-9962

About 1Dollar1Home: 1Dollar1Home is a micro-donations crowdfunding platform that makes it easy for individuals, groups, social causes and non-profits to fundraise online for friends, families and homes in crisis, one dollar at a time. The 1Dollar1Home community embraces Stories of individuals and families in crisis and thrives on funding these Stories to make a difference.


1Dollar1Home Partners With Stripe To Make Online Donations Easier

stripe_Partner_226When we went looking for a payment gateway to integrate with our new updated fundraising Story pages, we had one condition: Whichever provider we went with, they would have to be true to Webpops credo of providing complete control over the markup, something that empowers our customers to craft truly custom sites and webapps.

Of the many options that are out there, Stripe won us over for its speed of integration, simple API and all around great experience provided by its documentation and customer service.

We have proudly partnered with Stripe to process our platform’s transactions, and Stripe’s made it extremely simple to accept donations on behalf of our users and Story creators. Not only does Stripe make it easy on us, more importantly, it’s easy for donors and supporters to give within the shortest possible time while on your Stories page.

Now in addition to PayPal, Stories can accept donations in a matter of minutes, Not days. At 2.9% + 30¢ per donation, we offer some of the lowest rates available for online donations.

How do we make sure your information is safe and secure?

We use Stripe to process your donations, because making payments simple and secure is their business. They are certified as a PCI Level 1 Service Provider, the most stringent level of certification available. Quite frankly, 1Dollar1Home is about creating a platform where good happens through simple but meaningful actions, and we’d much rather put the payment security stuff in the hands of guys who specialize in that work. When you want to make a donation through a post on Twitter, we simply figure out the amount and pass Stripe your customer id using a secure SSL protocol, and they debit your card. If you have any more concerns about how your information will be handled, we recommend spending a minute on the Stripe security overview page.

What if I make a donation by accident, or someone uses my account to make a donation on my behalf that I didn’t want to make?

Because we use Stripe, payment refunds are really simple. Just email us at, up to 6 days after you made the initial donation, and let us know if you ever feel like we’ve processed a donation in error. We’ll refund you right away.

Why are there fees?

It costs to process card payments anywhere on the web, and unfortunately here is no different. We use Stripe, which has a flat 2.9% + 30¢ fee on all credit card charges, and we add an additional 2%  to allow us to keep our lights on and continue to bring you new and exciting features.

As always, get in touch at or on Twitter @1dollar1home if you want to learn more about getting started with a fundraising Story.

Gomez’s Mateless Socks Story Funded on 1Dollar1Home

“Of all the clothing needs of the homeless, socks are without a doubt the most important…Homeless people spend so much of their lives on their feet, walking everywhere they go to get what they need to survive….” –

This was one of the touching statement’s in the Mateless Socks campaign and we’re are glad it is funded! Thank everyone on the 1Dollar1Home community for their generosity towards this Story and making this Story a success. We’re at peace knowing the homeless in DC will enjoy some warmth.

Mateless Socks A Success