How to Raise Money Online

Fundraising with 1Dollar1Home

It’s easy, free, secure, and can impact a

+loved one’s world in so many ways.


Step 1: Create a Page

Our goal is for you to have a successful fundraiser. The best tip we can give, is to tell a compelling story. No need to write a novel, but you’ll definitely want to include specific details and have a strong cause for why your loved one needs support. The more insight you can provide about the beneficiary, the better.

Another tip is to be as transparent as possible. Let people know exactly what their money is being raised for and how their donation will make a difference to the beneficiary.

One way to really bring your page to life is to add photos and videos. You can also keep supporters up-to-date and interested by posting on your fundraiser’s blog. For more ideas on how to be successful when fundraising online, check out our fundraising tips section.

Step 2: Spread the word to friends, family, and the world.

We know it’s tough. Asking for donations is one of the hardest things you can do. But by sharing your story, people will be inspired to help, and share your story with others. We’ve seen many many people coming together time and time again, to accomplish amazing things. And with a little work, you can see the same results!

The best way to start, is by sharing your fundraiser with close friends and family. These are the people who are likely to be early supporters. Once you’ve gathered early momentum, promote your page via email, Facebook and other social media outlets. Supporters can donate online using a credit card, debit card, or if the fundraiser has been activated, using PayPal. With each donation, you can watch as your fundraiser becomes more and more successful—getting the beneficiary that much closer to their goal! Fact: if you’re able to get 30% funding from friends and family, then you’re almost going to get your cause funded. 

Step 3: Collect Support & Donations

Once your fundraiser reaches its end date, 1Dollar1Home will process and send the funds via personal check or PayPal transfer (minus a small processing fee of 3.0%). Then, feel free to do a happy dance, give and receive high-fives or celebrate however you like—knowing you just did something extraordinary for someone you care about!

Words of encouragement and emotional support will stay on the fundraising page forever. You can also continue to post to your fundraising page for as long as you like, and keep people updated.

Payment Security

There’s no need to worry when creating or donating to a fundraiser. 1Dollar1Home uses the latest encryption technology to ensure every donation is secure and private. We never give out your contact information, unless you decide you want to share it with the beneficiary. Additionally, we never sell information about our donors, so you don’t have to worry about future soliciting.


 If you have any questions please contact us or comment below.

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